8th Annual Chatsworth Halloween Hike – Spooky Night Version

Our classic spooktacular Halloween Hike — this time at night!

We’ve been doing this one in Chatsworth since 2009. It’s the scariest hike this side of Transylvania!

…..A group of innocent hikers, unaware of what waits beyond the next switchback…..


Chatsworth E-Riders Sprucing up Boot Hill in 2014. Its a ghoulish job but someone has to do it.

You’ll lose your head on this hike

Credit for the decorations go to Darlene Brothers-Wageman, Dean WagemenJoe Mendoza and the Chatsworth E-Riders.  New decorations are up!

There will be lights in Dead Man’s Gulch

Newest walking dead in Dead Man’s Gulch

Figure about about 6 miles. Bring your camera, 2qt water and snacks. Not a beginner hike.

Video from 2014



Go to the north end of Canoga Ave and park under the 118 and look for the horseless ones. DO NOT BLOCK ANY TRAILS OR GATES