VIP Hike: Corral Canyon Adventure Loop – Free Booze at Malibu Seafood

This hike is for HWD VIP members only. Not a VIP? Join today at

OK, here is the deal: Back in May 2011 a small group of us explored some old roads deep in the heart of Corral Canyon. I returned alone in 2013 and did some more reconnaissance. The VIPs followed and we did the loop for the first time creating a new Malibu hike in 2016. At that time we had to hike quite a bit on asphalt. Since then I returned and found another old use trail that eliminates all but a few yards of the asphalt.

This hike is for HWD VIPs only. Not a VIP? Join today at

The hike starts out at Corral Canyon with the first 1.5 miles a familiar trek up toward the Puerco Canyon divide

Soon we will leave our regular route and hook up with a  segment of an old road, now an overgrown trail

The foundation and remnants of an old home. Perhaps a victim of the 1956 or 1978 fire?

We cross the creek again and pick up another old road-now-trail segment paralleling the creek on the west side

Free wheelbarrow rides for VIPs only!

Here we are pounding the pavement. I have found an alternate route on a secret trail.

A fork in the secret trail…..

….choose the correct one for the VIP treatment

I estimate the hike to be about 6 miles with 2000′ total ascent. There is a small segment I have not been over and some minor bushwhacking may be necessary. Expect the unexpected.

This hike is for HWD VIPs only. Not a VIP? Join today at

After the hike we’ll have lunch at Malibu Seafood Patio. Maybe we’ll spot some dolphins frolicking in the waves, or some celebrities. 

Since this is a VIP hike, I will be supplying the booze. We’ll also have a drawing for some cool prizes including the famous Pocket Chair and Bluetooth speakers. Don’t forget to pick up some VIP SWAG at my car

They let you bring your own beverages. 

Bring sunscreen, hat, 2 quarts water, sturdy shoes and a snack. Clothing optional.

There is street parking on PCH, $5.00 exact change in lot.