Walking With Joe: Into the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Area

The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife area is a hidden gem right in our SF Valley and we will explore it on Sunday, July 23 8:00-10:00am. This is an easy walk that will entail NO significant climbing. There is one incline that gives great views of the area that should not be missed. Good athletic shoes and a snack with water are good ideas to bring along.

We will be meeting by the restrooms off of Woodley by the Japanese Gardens. As you drive into Woodley park in between Victory & Burbank, pull into the driveway and turn right with the Japanese Garden on your left. Continue down Wildlife Way,
past the cricket fields & archery, drive through and around the round about going straight and park. There will be a building on the right – restrooms. There will probably be a lot of other vehicles parked in the lot. We will be meeting right there by the restrooms.